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Why Choisie?

  • 100% guarantee that you will only be suggested to clients who are looking for models just like you.
  • A safe, international platform where you can be booked 24/7
  • Timely payments – no invoicing necessary
  • The security in the exact payout amounts
  • An outstanding presence of your profile as a model with Instagram feed, videos and polaroids – and all of that is in your hands. You design everything yourself.
  • Reminders for your requests, contracts, castings and the progress of your buyouts
  • Web castings & much more
  • A detailed list of all your contracts
  • Option to download your sedcards, model books and polaroids as a PDF
  • The chance to be featured in our blog / newsletter
How am I booked through Choisie? Simply publish your profile on Choisie. Describe yourself briefly and tell as about yourself: e.g. how you started as a model or which editorials and campaigns you have already done. You should add a minimum of 3 up-to-date snapshots (polaroids) from last month so that every client knows what you currently look like. Also make sure that you only upload JPG pictures of maximum 10 MB per picture.
Who can see my pictures? Profiles on Choisie are visible to all our clients. Moreover our users have the option to send shortlists to their teams, i.e. also their close colleagues can access your profile. And of course our blog is open to the public.
I am currently waiting to be accepted as a Choisie model. How long will that take? We wish to welcome you as a Choisie model as quickly as possible. However, please understand that this will take some time since we want to ensure high professional standards on our platform. In the meantime please make sure that your profile is duly completed and your pictures have successfully been uploaded. In order to do so click on 'submit profile' on your dashboard. You will receive our answer within a few hours or a few days max.
How does a booking request on Choisie work? Our customers filter their search for models themselves and send them a request on their own. As soon as someone sends you a request you will receive a notification via SMS or email. From then on it is all up to you: Log in as soon as possible and respond to the request. Contact us if you have any questions.
What commission do I pay for Choisie? Most modeling agencies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland normally deduct between 25-30 per cent agency commission. There are additional costs for mailings, copies, security charges, websites etc. This way models end up with around half of the salary they were promised in the beginning. In Italy the costs amount to around 40 per cent; in France some agencies charge up to 70 per cent. Our mission is to make the modeling business more honest, transparent and simple whilst maintaining the quality standard of a traditional modeling agency. For this reason we charge a service fee of 20% without any further costs.
My application has been denied. What can I do to still become a Choisie model? Don't give up If your profile has not been approved! Use the service on Facebook and try to get nice TFPs or better pictures. Then simply apply again. Your success is up to you!
How can you make sure that the users of the platform are trustworthy? We run a quality check and look at each member's personal profile – both for models and customers. For this reason we accept only those who can prove professional successes in the fashion industry.
I'm not a model yet. How can I become one? If you want to work as a model but you don't have any experience yet, you should first apply to a mother agency. They will explain how you can get started. Ideally you register on our page after that. Of course you are still welcome to send us your snapshots. If we are interested in you as newface we will quickly get in touch with you. However, please understand that we will only get in touch with you if we are interested.
I am already hired by a modeling agency. Is it problematic to be a Choisie member at the same time? Being a Choisie model does not stop you from continuing to work with traditional modeling agency, especially since Choisie is location-independent. Please still check the contract you made with your agency. Many agencies bind their models exclusively to themselves for a certain period of time. And that is alright, as long as the model receives jobs and earns a high salary. However, an exclusive contract is no guarantee but an experiment at your own risk. We don't bind our models exlusive to ourselves; instead we wish to give them the freedom to decide for themselves how much they want to earn. With Choisie the success is in your own hands without unnecessary experiments in your career.
Why do I have to make an application? Choisie is a platform for professional models. It is not pivotal to be hired by a modeling agency or to have many followers on Instagram in order to be accepted as a Choisie model. The one thing that counts for us is your modeling book. Therefore compile a good selection of pictures and make sure that they have a good quality (at least 1 MB). Also bear in mind our maximum picture size of 10 MB. Include at least 3 snapshots/polaroids which should be as up-to-date as possible. You can find tips and examples further down on this page. Add a link of your video on Vimeo or Youtube of your presentation/walk and your previous commercials. With us you will never be on any waiting list to be stuck forever – you will learn within a few hours or a few days if you have been accepted or denied.
Why do I have to wait for my pictures to be validated after I have already been accepted by Choisie? Choisie is not simply an online booking platform for models – Choisie is a new-generation modeling agency. We make sure to present you as best as possible and for that very reason we manually check every picture that you upload on to our platform. Please understand that we cannot permit pictures of unsatisfactory quality or too many pictures of the same shot. This way we make sure that you are presented at your best.
How can I print my sedcard or my book? Please log in and go to 'profile preview'. There you can print out all that you need.
Does Choisie procure jobs globally? Yes, Choisie is an international platform with users from all over the world.
When do I get my money? In order to ensure secure and timely payments we collaborate with Digistore24. As a general rule you receive your money within 14 days after having finished a modeling job.
What should I do if I don't know what salary I can demand and how the buyout takes place?
We are there for you and give you advice whenever you need us. Just get in touch with us by sending an email to models@choisie.com.
Become part of a new independent modeling generation.
Choisie is a new-generation modeling agency – without a booker that has to suggest you to clients first. Thanks to our effective filtering system you can be sure that you will automatically be suggested to clients who are looking for models with your features. Also our service is independent from time and space, i.e. we work for you round the clock and from everywhere.
What exactly should the snapshots/polaroids and the presentation video look like?
Adhere to our examples and make sure that your polaroids look similar to the examples. This way you get the best results!
Profile right
Profile left
¾ profile
Full body front
¾ body right
¾ body left
Upper body
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