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Is Choisie a modeling agency? Choisie is a new-generation modeling agency. What does this mean? Imagine you are looking for a model but your time is limited and you don't want to wait for the suggestions of a booker or a classic modeling agency. What if:
- you could get a preselection of models that match your criteria and that with just one click?
- you could hire those models right away without waiting for the approval of a modeling agency?
- you were in control of the whole process, from the search until the booking?
Choisie is a booking platform that connects the search automatisation with a professional network and the modeling industry. This benefits both company and model.
How does a booking request with Choisie work? The search is in your hands: You filter the models yourself and send a request to them directly. You receive a notification via email or SMS after every important step, for instance if a model accepts your request. In your Choicie-profile you always have everything at a glance: your requested models, your favourites, the status of your current or past projects as well as your previous contracts. In doing so Choisie is your digital booking assistant that supports you at every stage of your model search.
Your registration for Choisie has been denied. What next? If your registration has not been approved but you are still looking for models, send us a short message to support@choisie.com and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
How does Choisie make sure that the users of the platform are trustworthy? We run a quality check and look at every registration – both for models and customers. For this reason we accept only those who can prove professional successes in this field.
Why do I have to wait for Choisie's approval? We want you to become a part of Choisie as quickly as possible. However, please understand that we can only accept members who can prove a track record in the fashion industry. Only this way we can guarantee a high degree of professionalism towards both customers and models. If you are currently waiting for our approval, please make sure that your profile is duly completed and where necessary send us your references.
Can I forward my model shortlists to my customers who are not registered on Choisie? Yes. Log in to your profile, go to your projects and click on 'shortlist' next to your respective job. Then simply click on “Send shortlist” and you are done. Now you and your team have access to your favourites, model books, sed cards etc. If you download them directly or just print them as required is up to you.
I am looking for models worldwide. Is Choisie the right platform for me? Definitely. Choisie is an international platform for models from all over the world.
When do I have to pay? We collaborate with Digistore24 to ensure secure payments. In order to confirm your booking you will be requested to pay a certain percentage of your booking amount (depending on the time of booking). When you have closed the contract you will be asked to pay the remaining amount within the following 14 days. Thanks to our partner Digistore24 we are able to offer you various payment methods.
What commission do I pay for Choisie? Only 10% of the agreed fee and it makes no difference how much we assist you with the booking.
Do you have any more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. Just send us a short message to support@choisie.com.
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Questions and Answers for Models You are a model but unfortunately your questions have not been answered yet? Don't worry! We have created an additional FAQ page for you. Just visit
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