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“Our ultimate goal is to create a transparency in the modeling industry, which did not exist before” Susanna Todorov, Co-Founder and CEO
With more than two decades experience as a model and running her own modeling agency in Berlin for more then 7 years, Susanna decided to move a step further and build a platform where models and clients can not only connect, but also work in a professional and direct way together. Models should not be so dependent on their bookers and people who are booking models should be able to find the exact model they are searching for in a quicker and easier way.
Find your model in a matter of seconds
Choisie is a new-generation modeling agency. Thanks to our effective filtering system you can immediately find the model that matches your criteria – at any time and everywhere. Your search – your choice!
How it works
Search & filter Specify your filter according to what you're looking for. Then you will only find models in compliance with your wishes who are available for the dates you are looking for and who are willing to work for the salary you state.
Cast quickly & effectively Your projects, castings, and contracts – all in one place. Cast your models online via webcam or invite them to your next live casting right away. Your choice.
Request & book You wish to request several models with one click? No problem! Send any number of requests and only book the model that matches your production best. Easy, fast and safe.
More features:
Always there for you – 24/7
Create and share a shortlist with your team
Perfectly organised through reminder functions
Frequently asked questions
Is Choisie a modeling agency? Choisie is a new-generation modeling agency. What does this mean? Imagine you are looking for a model but your time is limited and you don't want to wait for the suggestions of a booker or a classic modeling agency. What if:
- you could get a preselection of models that match your criteria and that with just one click?
- you could hire those models right away without waiting for the approval of a modeling agency?
- you were in control of the whole process, from the search until the booking?
Choisie is a booking platform that connects the search automatisation with a professional network and the modeling industry. This benefits both company and model.
Does Choisie offer models worldwide? Yes, Choisie is an international platform for models from all over the world.
Why do I have to wait for Choisie's approval? We would like you to become a part of Choisie as quickly as possible. However, please understand that we can only accept users who can prove a track record in the fashion industry. Only this way we can guarantee a high degree of professionalism towards both customers and models. If you are currently waiting for our approval, please make sure that your profile is duly completed and where necessary send us your references.
You are a model?
Are you fed up with being dependent on a person who is in control over your career? Have you ever had to change agency just because your booker did so? Thanks to our excellent filtering system you can be one hundred per cent sure that Choisie automatically suggests you for jobs that match you!
Why you should register
Suppose you are looking for freckles, a tooth gap or beautiful teeth. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could filter models solely according to your own criteria? Register and see for yourself how effective our filter is!
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